Introduction To The Art Of Contemplative Living

Life is our most creative work of art. The first 3-week, on-line course is an introduction to, and an exploration of living contemplatively. Each Monday, you will receive e-mail with an image, quote, questions for reflection and a simple cre- ative exercise for that week that may guide you towards a more mindful, contemplative life. This course is my gift to you.
- Begins on the 2nd Monday of e very month.
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The Art of Looking: Contemplative Drawing

This 4 week drawing course, open to all levels, is designed to encourage the Art of Looking, the practice of paying close attention to what is in front of us. Once a week you will receive and e-mail with the week’s spiritual art practice, and every day you will receive a new meditation to guide you in your practice of loving God by disregarding every other thought and really seeing, as a practical way of opening ourselves to a deeper level of contemplation. The art of looking helps to shed the filter of preconceptions in order to begin to see with fresh eyes the divinity of creation and creating. The more we look, the more we see. Our instructions? Simple: draw what you see; don't draw what you don’t see.
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The Cloud Of Unknowing: A Practical Guide To A Life Of Contemplations

The Cloud of Unknowing was written in the 14th century by an unknown mystic. The beauty and simplicity of this little book has inspired many great men and women of prayer including St.John of the Cross. This 7-session, on-line look at The Cloud of Unknowing will unfold over a 14-week time frame, allowing participants to read and absorb the message at a quiet and unhurried pace.