The Art of Looking: Contemplative Drawing

This drawing course, open to all levels, is designed to encourage the Art of Looking, the practice of paying close attention to what is in front of us. We will set aside time to practice loving God by disregarding every other thought and really seeing, as a practical way of opening ourselves to a deeper level of contemplation. The art of looking helps to shed the filter of preconceptions in order to begin to see with fresh eyes the divinity of creation and creating. The more we look, the more we see. Our instructions? Simple: draw what you see; don't draw what you don’t see.
- One, three or five-day workshop

Visio Divina

Exploration of a contemporary visual form of “Lectio Divina” utilizing the 4 stages of spiritual exercise but a series of tangible objects from creation will the focus – looking to see God’s presence in the world around us. Pencil, pen and paintbrush will launch our meditation.

Creating Your Spiritual Compass

A creative workshop designed to help you discover and chart a course to your own, perfect, imagined future by creating your personal Spiritual Compass. The circular image of a compass, like the mandala, encompasses every direction. A Spiritual Compass can provide a personal sense of direction for the contemplative journey and a source of guidance and encouragement in staying the course towards your goal. This course will use mixed media and is for all levels of ability.
- One-day workshop

Painting And Guilding Celtic Spirals

A creative workshop FOR BEGINNERS and anyone who loves to paint! Explore the sacred mystery of the Celtic spiral inspired by Ireland’s Book of Kells. We will explore the mystery of Creation from the perspective of Celtic spirituality and learn the traditional art of manuscript illumination and the pigments and minerals that were ground to create beautiful, jeweled colors such as lapis and malachite. You will paint and guild (24K gold) your own Celtic spiral, going home with a finished piece. All materials will be proved.
- One-day workshop