The Art of Contemplative Living awakens hearts to encounter God through creative expression in every aspect of life.


We invite people to practices that cultivate and sustain an open, childlike receptivity to the inherent holiness of the present moment.


We fulfill our mission and vision by providing classes, retreats, and consulting services. Our offerings are shaped by our values:

  • We cultivate an habitual contemplative experience of God’s oneness with us in all things.
  • We know that joy is a sure sign of real encounter with God.
  • We believe artful living flows from contemplative practices.
  • We recognize creativity as a gift from God.
  • We believe it is necessary to slow down, pause and look more closely in order to see things that we do not notice at a greater distance and speed.
  • We bear witness to the mystery by our love for ourselves, for others and for all living things.